Marehra Public School Profile

Marehra Public School Profile


Marehra Public School, in its present form was established in year 2002, it is a progressive, child centered, Secondary School recognized by the Directorate of Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school is run under the aegis of Marehra Educational Society, consisting of eminent educationists and philanthropists, which are running many other educational and social institutions also.

The School caters day scholars. It is spread over a vast area of beautifully designed and landscaped 3 acre campus that is a visual delight, at MPS; every possible resource is dedicated to developing in its students the values and skills that form the foundation of a life of accomplishment, leadership and fulfillment. The school promotes intellectual curiosity and disciplined study habits through a challenging curriculum and also promotes active involvement in the life of the students through rich co-curricular programmes. In all the students are both challenged and closely supported by an outstanding faculty from Aligarh. The school has on its roll about 900 students with the diverse culture from across the region. As educationists, we are deeply conscious that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast with the changes and that we need to give our students a chance at every possible avenue of inventiveness. We at MPS, aim to nurture not just better adjusted achievers, not just better conformers, but young men and women who can strike a new trail, who can redefine notions of success and who can take open hearts and minds out into the society which they can help transform. The students of the school have not only performed in academics and shown commendable results in the Board examinations but I have been bringing accolades even in the fields of sports.The management grants scholarship and financial aid to assist students who otherwise might not have the opportunity for good education due to the economic status of their family.
We are committed to our pursuit for educational excellence that is an ongoing process at Marehra Public School.


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